A Message from Our CEO

A Message from Our CEO

"Standard Motor Products has grown and evolved in the automotive industry over the past 100+ years, while maintaining consistent stability. Our ongoing success can be attributed to hiring the right people who fit our culture and embody our values."

–SMP's Chief Executive Officer, Eric Sills

As a family-founded company, our main objective as an employer is to create life-long employees who want to drive their careers forward. We believe we do this by giving back to employees through three distinct pillars of commitment:

  • Providing an enjoyable, rewarding, and satisfying work environment
  • Providing opportunities for career growth within SMP
  • Providing a work-life balance

SMP is equally committed to enhancing our environmental, social and governance profile to demonstrate our dedication to being environmentally and socially responsible to our stakeholders. Throughout our history, we have ventured to embody the values of ethics, integrity, and common decency. These values are the foundation for our increased focus on environmental stewardship, reduction in GHG emissions, diversity, equity and inclusion, and the health and safety of our employees.

While SMP has changed over the past century, our core philosophy has not. We remain an automotive leader by steadfastly living up to our reputation for extraordinary customer focus, top-quality products and services, the ability to embrace the technology of today and tomorrow, and our continued investment in our future. In this highly competitive industry, we owe our sustained success both to the commitment of our talented employees as well as to our loyal customers. SMP employees understand the importance of maintaining the highest level of quality in every aspect of what we do. Our customers recognize SMP’s sincere commitment to being the best in service, quality, innovation and integrity.

I hope you join our team, so you can build your future along with ours, creating an impactful career unique to you.