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SMP Culture

The employee experience at SMP is unique. Collaborative and open to new ideas, an employee of SMP will quickly see that their colleagues share a value system that encourages personal and professional growth. Like any great team, we support each other, we challenge each other, we have fun doing it and we celebrate each other’s success.

Our credo: Career Long Opportunities for Talented Employees who Share our Values captures the spirit of the employee experience at SMP. We recruit the best, we nurture them and they stay with us. In other words, they become part of the SMP family- a group of diverse individuals with common goals and objectives. That experience continues post retirement as evidenced by the over 1,000 members of our 25 Year Club.

We take pride in our people and we take pride in our culture.

SMP Culture

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Employee Testimonials

I have been working at SMP for the past 13 years. Over the 13 years, I have grown my career through multiple positions. SMP has an environment where you can learn from others with so many willing colleagues there to help you grow. I see SMP as one big family. Anyone would be lucky to join us!

-Alonzo Pulliam, Cycle Counter, Fort Lauderdale

I have been with SMP for over 6 years. What I love most about SMP is that is it a fast paced environment with friendly people and is full of diversity. I truly value how SMP is a publicly traded company, but feels like a private, family company. Upper management is involved and forms relationships with employees. What are you waiting for? Join us!

-Andres, Data Marketing Manager, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I enjoy and look forward to showing up for work every day because of all the amazing people I work with. I get to work with the brightest and most hardworking people every day and we are constantly pushing one another to be better and move the needle for the company. Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow in my professional life.

-Jason, Product Management, Long Island City, NY

SMP is managed under a family-orientated leadership, which promotes and facilitates hard work, but strongly encourages the work / life balance that many companies still strive to accomplish. SMP strongly and seriously embraces its diversity, equity and inclusion principles; and each individual is sincerely cherished for the differences and talents that they bring. I love working at SMP; a company where we work hard, have exposure and opportunities to learn and develop new initiatives; but also a company that makes the wellbeing of its employees its number one priority.

-Leah, Internal Audit, Long Island City, NY

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